Bleeding Control Training and Tactical Medicine Courses 

CIAMTO Medicina Tactica y Operacional

About Us 

Dedicated to continual life-long learning on ways to beat the reaper

T-MED Services, INC. is a physician-owned, mobile cadre composed of tactical and medical professionals who served in various SOF units and/or Police & Fire-EMS departments.  We are experts in Tactical Combat Casualty Care, Tactical Emergency Casualty Care, and Bleeding Control Training concepts, constantly staying up-to-date with the latest guidelines, practices, and curricula.

Our instructors have taught classes for numerous Civilian and Military Special Operation units in the USA and Iberoamerica.

Further, our instructors are still active in the communities they represent, utilizing their skills and knowledge on a daily basis.





Our cadre stays current in all of the newest research, equipment, technology, tactics, techniques, and procedures to ensure delivery of the best training possible. 

We attend SOMA conferences, seminars, and courses, we train with colleagues and peers. We know the how’s and the why’s of what we teach you; we know the mechanism by which the tools we use work and why others don’t.

We will offer evidence-based opinions on what the best tools and equipment are for your specific needs…instead of just selling you “what the military uses”   

Personalized Approach

While many of the medical concepts are very similar, our courses are designed with the end user and mind and utilize specific approaches and methodologies most appropriate for the target audience. 

Academic Excellence

Our lead instructor and course coordinator is a Doctor in Medicine and all courses are taught by a cadre of medical professionals, many of whom hold advanced degrees and are military combat veterans or active first responders. 

Bleeding control kitting solutions for schools and businesses

Professional Services

Through cooperation with strategic partners, we are able to offer a range of civilian and tactical medic courses, as well as firearms training which incorporate injured shooter techniques.